Design Process

We work with the developer, architect, interior designer and construction team to create a product that blends function with aesthetics and marketability.

This involvement helps determine specifics such as unit mix; floor plan design; public areas, lifestyle amenity and clubhouse specifications; and residential finishes, all of which ensure appropriate product positioning.

Market Research

Analysis and evaluation of marketplace data is critical to the development of a unique brand identity for the project. Premier Sales Group conducts comprehensive market research that includes:

  • Evaluation of competitive sales data and project information
  • Feasibility studies to determine recently launched product type and market trends
  • Definition of target markets


Ancillary Professionals

Premier Sales Group can help recommend, select and coordinate other talented professionals with a proven track record in the luxury residential real estate industry. Such professionals include interior designers, landscape architects and space planning firms.


Cross-Marketing Opportunities

Clients benefit from Premier Sales Group’s extensive network of industry contacts to help enhance a project’s viability. These opportunities may include the addition of a spa, restaurant or retail establishment to the project, or other innovative joint ventures or partnership opportunities.



Premier Sales Group performs a strategic pricing analysis based on current market trends to create a pricing schedule for each project that meets the objective of the development team.


Sales & Marketing

Marketing Plan

A strategic program needs a comprehensive marketing plan that includes such key elements as a target market profile, pricing strategy and schedule, revenue projections and operating budget.



A carefully crafted pre-sales program can help “jump start” project sales. Premier Sales Group will work with clients on all aspects of the program, from the pre-sales environment to pricing and marketing strategy.



Advertising & Public Relations Programs

Premier Sales Group can help identify the top advertising and public relations professionals with expertise in the luxury real estate market. The firm can help with the selection process as well as coordinate the efforts in the development of targeted, integrated advertising campaigns and public relations strategies. Premier Sales Group also tracks media efforts to measure performance and results.


International Sales & Outreach

Premier Sales Group has extensive experience in developing strategic international sales programs. We maintain relationships and affiliations with the international brokerage community and advisors, and maintain a strong international client base. Due to the luxury nature of the projects we represent, Premier Sales Group finds itself frequently sought after by those markets.



Exclusive Sales & Marketing Agent

Sales Staffing

As exclusive sales and marketing agent, Premier Sales Group oversees the staffing and management of the sales office.

Sales Tracking

Premier Sales Group will implement sales tools and techniques designed to track activity, evaluate pricing strategy, product absorption and advertising effectiveness summarized in a comprehensive sales report provided to each client on a weekly basis.

Inventory Control

Premier Sales Group has a strategic system for the release of inventory to continually monitor and adjust pricing to ensure the highest possible selling price and broadest product selection at all times.


To continually monitor and evaluate marketing strategies, Premier Sales Group will conduct weekly sales meetings with development staff to ensure that sales goals are on track, and to make any necessary adjustments due to market changes.


Premier Sales Group handles all aspects of the sales process including generation of leads, qualification of prospects, sales presentations, execution of purchase and lease agreements, and coordination of closings.

Property Repositioning


Premier Sales Group can develop programs to reposition properties by redefining their best use, product design and unit mix, buyer profile and pricing strategy.

Property Conversion

Successful Conversion

Premier Sales Group is highly skilled in the conversion of commercial and residential properties to residential condominiums or hotel condominiums, from pre-development through sales and leasing efforts.